Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you are enjoying your extra day off – but also remembering WHY we have today off (well – most of us anyway).  I am proud to say that I am surrounded by family and friends who serve(d) our great country!  I am also in awe of the spouses who are able to hold down the fort during their service.  Thank you for your sacrifices protect our freedom!  This card is for you!

My husband is currently working at job that is six days a week and his only holidays off are Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  It’s such a bummer!  So, yesterday, we tried to make the most of our Memorial Day weekend by taking our bicycles to the Mendocino coast for the day!

We started out with a ride along the coast in Fort Bragg.  They have a wonderful paved path with awesome views!  Then we had an awesome breakfast at Eggheads.  If you are ever in Fort Bragg – be sure to stop there for breakfast or lunch (they don’t serve dinner).  We then walked down main street a block to CowLicks for homemade ice cream! Yum!

We then headed south on Highway 1 and stopped at Van Damme State Park – perfect place for a ride!  So much green and the sound of trickling water – just awesome!  There was seven miles worth this wonderful path out there!  We HAVE to go back!

Right across the street from Van Damme State Park is Little River Beach.  We took a walk along the beach enjoying the view, the kids playing, the abalone divers, the kyakers and of course the birds.  We then headed back home through the Redwood Trees and had dinner in town before heading home – happy and content!

It was a perfect day! 

Be sure to thank God and our soldiers for your blessing this Memorial Day!

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